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Why See A Private Counsellor?

Hertfordshire is served by numerous charities and organisations that deliver counselling services by dedicated counsellors. The NHS also offer CBT and other wellbeing services. However, due to demand and governmental budget cuts, these organisations are under increasing pressure to ensure clients are seen. 


Clients seeking therapy from such organisations may be put on a waiting list and a waiting time of 4 weeks - 12 months is not unusual. Also, while some organisations are served by counsellors who work with different therapeutic approaches, some organisations follow an ethos of one approach which limits client choice. 


Limited resources can also result in some organisations only offering short-term counselling, ranging from 6 to 24 sessions. Some very important work can be done in this time and this may be sufficient for some but others may feel that they need or would prefer longer-term therapy. Due to the time-limited nature of the work, some clients may have had to prioritise some difficulties over others in their sessions, leaving some unaddressed. 

With a private counsellor, you have choice and autonomy:

  • Choice of counsellor

  • Choice of therapeutic approach 

  • No waiting list 

  • No limit on sessions and choice of when to end

  • Discreet location

Research shows that one of the most influential factors in the success of therapy is the rapport you build with your therapist, so it is important you find a therapist who works in a way that resonates with you. 

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