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My Approach


I am an Integrative Counsellor which means that I do not believe one perspective or approach can ever wholly encapsulate or define your unique experience and outlook on the world. 

This is why I am trained to draw upon or 'integrate' schools of thought on the human condition and explore material from different angles to best support you: 

  1. I work primarily in a person-centred way, providing a warm, empathic space to help you reconnect with your own inner values and resources.

  2. I draw upon Attachment Theory, providing insight into your relational patterns and how you have learned to regulate stress.

  3. I apply psychodynamic perspectives to help you better understand and identify behavioural patterns and ways of thinking.

  4. I work existentially with grief and loss, meaning, personal responsibility and ownership. 

  5. I employ some CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) tools and exercises to gently challenge negative thought processes that are impacting your happiness and wellbeing. 

Ultimately, my role is to understand you and how you are personally experiencing your circumstances, free of judgement and in a confidential space. 

Areas I can support you with

Mental Health

Anxiety and worry

Burn out

Depression and low mood

Psychosomatic symptoms (physical symptoms caused by stress or anxiety)



Trauma and PTSD


(with yourself, family, friends and partners)

Assertiveness, boundaries and empowerment

Codependency (dependence on and enabling of unhealthy relationships)


Family dynamics

Bereavement, Loss and Pregnancy-Related Loss 


Finding meaning

Infertility and IVF journeys 

Life transitions, adjustment and change




Pregnancy and Motherhood

Attachment and bonding 

Birth Trauma

Matrescence (the transition into becoming a mother)

Post-natal depression

Pregnancy journeys

Retaining or reclaiming your identity and sense of Self 

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