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Online and Telephone Counselling

Online Counselling Aurelie Coze
Video Call Counselling Aurelie Coze MBAC
Telephone Counselling Aurelie Coze MBACP

A Convenient way to keep connected

Accessing counselling online and on the telephone was a really helpful alternative for my clients who could no longer attend sessions in person due to lockdown and social distancing measures. Now that times have changed, long working days, complicated commutes, train delays, or even having to remain home for health reasons, none of these have to prevent you from getting the support that you need. Even if you're out of the area, working this way brings the world just that little bit closer. 

Whether by video call on Zoom or telephone, this form of therapy can be just as effective as face to face counselling and allows us to maintain the continuity of the work. 


Here are a few of the benefits:

  • No travel time

  • No travel costs

  • No parking issues

Before therapy starts I will send you Your Short Guide on Online and Telephone Counselling, explaining how it works and how you can prepare to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. 

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